What is Micropigmentation? – Beautiful You Editorial

What is micropigmentation? Does it hurt? How can brow shaping change my look? These are some of the key questions that will be discussed in Beautiful You’s latest editorial.

Located on Ponsonby’s Jervios Road, Hollywood Eyes offers an entirely new experience in brow and lash makeovers.

Ever admired the eyebrows of Hollywood stars, past and present, and wondered how they achieved such great shape? Chances are they’ve had their brows professionally shaped and coloured using micropigmentation, a trend that shapes the face of modern women.

What is micropigmentation?

As the name suggests, micropigmentation is the application of colour pigment. I use a specialised hand tool to implant the colour into the skin. This method is very gentle and far less painful than other commonly used techniques. Micropigmentation gives a long lasting, natural looking colour enhancement and is the key to beautifully shaped and coloured brows.

But getting a brow shape and colour that suits your face is no easy task. Michelle Larsen of Hollywood Eyes specialises in brows and lashes and is very particular about creating the perfect look for her clients. Beautiful You staff writer Claire Smith met with Michelle to find out more about this fine art.

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