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After years of pencilling, tinting and shading and several comments from friends noting my lack of eyebrow, I went to Hollywood Eyes for help. I had lived in the area some time ago and seen the cute shop on Jervois Road many times.

Years later I walked in to meet the lovely Michelle. I walked out feeling so much more confident and happy with my appearance. She is so gentle, kind and talented. The clinic is peaceful and treatment also not dissimilar. Thank you to Michelle. Everyone having a consultation should take it all the way! Best Wishes,

Gina F

Michelle is a magic maker! I am sooo in love with my new Brows. You have taken my brows to heaven and I actually cannot get over how perfect they are!!! You have totally blown all of my expectations out of the water. I love love looove the details and shape. They look so natural.

Thank you so much Michelle. You are a ‘pro’ and I am so glad I came to you instead of all those new copycats. You are pure magic… I’ll be back J I wish I’d done it sooner.


I have never had brows until I met Michelle. She has done an amazing job. It has completely changed their appearance. They are perfect. No one would know they were tattooed unless I said. Thanks so much.

Stacey Jantke

I haven’t been swimming with my daughter for so many years its SAD!! I always dreamed of having beautiful eyebrows but never EVER thought it would actually happen. For me having my brows done was a self-esteem treatment. Thank you Michelle for giving me back my confidence. Yours is the best website I’ve ever found !!

Kirsten & Rylee (my 9 year old swimming buddy)

Thank you so much Michelle. I had been ‘thinking’ about getting my eyes done for years but was worried about it being painful or going wrong. You are incredibly professional and to my surprise it wasn’t even painful. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. I will be back.

Claire Sarney

I’m so very delighted with my new eyebrows. Michelle is such a perfectionist and now no one can tell I didn’t have any eyebrows.

Gillian H

Very happy with my new eyebrows and eyeliner and had lots of great comments about it. Amazing job, well done. Thank you Michelle.

Regards Harieta

Thank you so much for your amazing skill. I have had so many comments on how stunning my eyebrows are looking. My eyeliner that you have applied has enhanced my eyes beautifully. I am extremely happy!

Abbie Gardiner

After years of suffering from bad over plucked eyebrows, I can now wake up in the morning and be happy about the way I look. New eyebrows have changed the way I feel when I walk down the street every day. I look forward to the swimming in summer.


I met Michelle approximately 1 year ago when I asked her to fix a terrible mess on my face.  I had experienced a horrific ordeal which included having my eyebrows and eyelids tattooed with a gun.  It was excruciating and looked terrible.

Michelle was hesitant to fix me up as she clearly takes a lot of pride in her work and fix up jobs can be tricky, I understand that.

After my consistent pleading she asked me to come back in 1 year and we would revisit the situation.  I did so.  Finally Michelle agreed to do ‘her best’ and it was virtually painless! I felt like she was plucking my eyebrows, not actually tattooing them.  Awesome!

The job she did (especially with what she had to work with) was incredible!

She is very professional, patient, honest, meticulous and generous – certainly the type of person you would want working on your face!

I am thrilled with the result and I cannot recommend her highly enough – don’t bother with anyone else, seriously.

She promised me it would be worth every cent when we finished and it absolutely is.

I look so different and 150% better.  THANKS Michelle 🙂

Angela Matthews

I went to see Michelle at Hollywood Eyes firstly for a consultation to discuss my options and concerns, after which I was confident to go ahead with her service. My eyebrows were corrected and reshaped by Michelle.  They look natural and have greatly enhanced my face. I am very happy with the result.

Michelle was very professional throughout the entire process.  She happily answered my questions and concerns. She is a perfectionist and is clearly passionate about her work.

I will be using Michelle again in the future for my yearly colour refreshes and I highly recommend this procedure if you are looking for a great looking set of brows.

Sandra Batley

Working for a cosmetic company I see so many ladies coming in with harsh machine tattooed on eyebrows which fade out blue or green, it looks very unflattering and very obvious.  One year on my eyebrows still look amazing people don’t believe I’ve had them done.

Natasha Edwards

Thank you once again for my new eyebrows. Every time I glance in the mirror I am taken back and excited that I once again have eyebrows.  This has made such a difference to my self esteem and you cannot imagine how happy I am to look normal again. I feel I have wound back the age clock a few years. The ladies I work with are most impressed with the results and cannot believe they are not actual hairs.

Annette Warner

Thank you so much Michelle for the wonderful job you did on my eyebrows and eye liner. I was apprehensive about getting it done, having lost my eyebrows and eyelashes after chemotherapy.  I worried that if it looked bad or fake, I wouldn’t have any hair to camouflage it.  I certainly didn’t need to worry about that, the hair strokes looked fantastic.  It was the best thing I could have done.  I am able to go swimming with the kids, and rub my race without worrying if I have just lost an eyebrow!  I feel so much better about myself now.  All my friends and family have also commented on how great it looks, particularly the eyebrows.  Awesome!

Trudi Elliot

OMG, I am so happy!!!

My brows look amazing.  They are so even and basically perfect! I couldn’t have wished for more – You are just and incredible artist!


I feel so much better about myself, so much more confident, what a difference it makes to my whole face!

You have a customer for life in me! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Julie Iddon

I had a facial last week and the therapist commented on how good and how natural my new eyebrows looked. She wanted your details so she can recommend you. Also, when I had left your clinic the other day, a gentleman passing me in the street commented how beautiful I looked!


I booked in to experience a Lash Perm & Tint…..the results were so good that my mascara is now redundant. My eyebrows…..well they’ve always been boring, the kind that grow straight and horizontal.  That was until I let Michelle loose on them – Wow!  It’s like having a new do for my Brows, what a difference! You are an Eye Architect…the Lady that put the arch into my brows!

Thank you for creating your magic.

With Gratitude

Debbie Neaves

I am not a make up fanatic but like the natural look, particularly on my eye area. My eyebrows have always been the area that I need to spend time on until I had the micropigmentation work done. It has been fantastic for me, my eyebrows are looking extremely natural, and I know that it is always there even after I have been swimming.

I am extremely happy with my new eyebrows that Michelle has created. I am just one of Michelle’s satisfied clients and would be more than happy to recommend to anyone who is looking to have permanent cosmetic enhancement (without the surgery).

Thank you again Michelle for a great work and I wish you continued success!

Yours faithfully

Peggy Chan

I work in a customer facing role and always need to look my best, so when I came to choosing where to have my eyebrows done, I knew I’d only settle for the best. Michelle was recommended to me after a lengthy search, and I’m so glad I chose Hollywood Eyes.

Michelle’s experience and artistic flare show through from the moment you step in the door. She shaped my brows and gave me a look customers actually comment on, asking where I had them done. I’m more than happy to recommend Michelle to anyone wanting beautiful brows. Thank you Hollywood Eyes.

Catherine L

Michelle, I just wanted to say thank-you for another superb job with my eyebrows. You are so talented, the perfect mix of science and art in your work. Anyone would be lucky to learn from you! I really admire the lady you are. Thanks again.

Jess R

Thank you Michelle & Debbie – love my permanent brows! It has made me feel so much better about how I look. Not brushing on eyebrows has been quiet liberating. Great work by both of you.


After must research to find an eyebrow clinic that would create the “WOW “ factor, I finally found Michelle at Hollywood Eyes. I travel from Queenstown on an annual basis for Michelle to work her magic on my eyebrows. A true artist and perfectionist my eyebrows look so natural. To the extent that friends and colleagues ask me what have I had done, have I had my hair restyled, or is that new makeup, gee you look great, what have you been doing??and the list goes on.. If only they knew that I have my own artist that brings my eyebrows to life…

Rowena Richards

Over time my eyebrows had become very thin and lifeless. While visiting family in NZ I was recommended to see Michelle at Hollywood Eyes. After my first appointment my eyebrows were PERFECT. I never thought I could wake up with natural, full looking eyebrows. As I live in Italy I now make a point of coming home to NZ once every 12 months to see Michelle and get my colour topped up! Something I now can’t live without!!
You are so fabulous and always do an amazing job! ………just one less thing I need to do every morning. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Marissa Fisher

I have been so impressed with my ‘new’ eyebrows since I first came to see Michelle a year ago now. The freedom to wake up and not have to bother penciling or shadowing in my eyebrows every morning has been a joy! The clincher was arriving home after first having them done and my partner saying “Wow! that is not what I expected your eyebrows to look like at all! They look great!” Very affirming indeed.
Michelle does a fantastic job in an incredibly calm and professional environment. It is a big expense but ultimately so worth it. If you’re going to do anything to your Face, you should the get micropigmentation done at Hollywood Eyes. Thanks Michelle for giving me the eyebrows I always wanted.


As a 66 year old alopecia sufferer I was particularly apprehensive about getting my eyebrows done. Being a medical secretary and in a front desk role, I did a lot of research (I didn’t want the first thing people saw were the eyebrows!!) and I looked into this process thoroughly. Michelle was recommended by a few people, so I took the plunge and made an appointment.

During this appointment it became very clear to me that Michelle was an expert in the field and she certainly put me at ease with her knowledge and gentle, caring manner.  Now after having my brows done I am absolutely ecstatic with the result.  My husband, friends and work colleagues think my brows are extremely natural looking and suit me beautifully.  Words really can’t describe the difference she has made to my life.  Thank you very much Michelle

Jackie Wilson

Amazing! I am absolutely delighted with my new eyebrows, with the instant brow lift that I received as a bonus. Everyone who has seen me since my treatment has commented on how good I look!  Thank you Michelle for a  fantastic experience.

Debi Luke

Michelle has totally changed something that caused me so much ‘ugh’! I had two old tattooed brow lines which had turned blue over the years.  She patiently and persistently transformed me – I no longer have to cover my eyebrows.  I will be forever grateful, she is an artist!

Therese Colgan

Michelle, thank you so much for the absolutely fabulous job you have done with my eyebrows and eye liner.  It has made a huge difference – I feel sure I look year younger!  As a busy working person, and who isn’t these days, the time I save in the morning is a real bonus.  I have  a tendency to rub my face when concentrating so often ended up the day with no eyebrows and smudged eye liner. This is no longer an issue.

I feel very confident putting myself in your hands, and that confidence was not misplaced.  Your skill and your professionalism is outstanding.

Thank you again.

Rhonda Graham

I’ve had my brows professionally shaped several times but have never felt quite happy with the result. But my experience at Hollywood Eyes was quite different. Michelle created a look that was just stunning, Ive had so many wonderful compliments and find myself double-taking in the mirror because I looks so….beautiful! Michelle is extremely gentle, even her waxing technique was far superior to those I’ve had before.  I love my new eyes – it’s quite amazing what a difference it’s made to my confidence. I’d definitely recommend Hollywood Eyes for those wanting a professional result – Michelle is THE brow and lash expert!

Claire Smith – Beautiful You staff writer

Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you’ve done on my eyes and say how ecstatic I am with the results. You’re so talented and will go far in your business.


For years I have thought about and talked about having micro pigmentation applied to my eyebrows, even my beauty therapist agreed that it would make a big difference to my naturally fine, sparse eyebrows, however I had always been put off by the pain factor that I assumed would be part of the process. I was so worried about the pain I barely slept the night before.

I am writing this testimonial to clarify that micro pigmentation does not hurt at all in fact within 5 minutes of Michelle starting to pigment my eyebrows I felt nothing but a deep sense of relaxation and almost went to sleep!

The benefit of this treatment is that it is so natural that people are unable to detect you have had anything done. I highly recommend Michelle’s services to anyone who like me does not have naturally thick well defined eyebrows and want the marvellous convenience of never having to use an eyebrow pencil again.

Kind Regards

Alex Stewart

I had been thinking of having micropigmentation enhancement of my eyebrows for sometime as I had lost half of one eyebrow due to radiation therapy. Having asked various people about this and receiving a couple of names and phones numbers never did anything about it. Then I met Michelle and she showed me some photographs of people whose eyebrows she had enhanced. This galvanised me to finally get my own done.

The treatment does not hurt it is like a small pricking sensation and takes about one hour. I was very pleased with the results. I did not tell anyone I had this treatment and no one has ever made a comment. That’s how good the treatment is done by Michelle. After a few months I had my top up treatment. My beauty therapist thinks they are fantastic. I am now seriously thinking of have my eye lids enhanced.

Margie Shorter

I would never have guessed that taking 10 years off my age was so easy! An amazing job Michelle, thank you so much.


Micropigmentation Enhancement put my eyes on display!
This process is perfect for those who want subtle definition with a very natural look.

Having my eyebrows enhanced by Michelle was the best money I have spent on myself for sometime. Michelle is an extremely professional and highly skilled Therapist who years of experience and training in this particular field are obvious and comforting. Michelle has a wonderful caring nature, making you feel very relaxed and in turn, the whole experience effortless.

The transformation of my blonde, irregular shaped eyebrows, through Michelle’s expertise and attention to detail, has given my face a whole new look. Better than a brow lift.

Debbie Oswin

Michelle has been doing my brows and eye liner for several years.  Since getting micropigmentation, I no longer wear eye makeup because I feel as glamorous as the Hollywood stars framed in Michelle’s studio.  Michelle has given me the opportunity to boost my confidence after having very sparse, flat eyebrows for decades.

Michelle is unique because she  has a keen sense of artistry and knows what makeup styles and colours suit each face.  I am impressed with the amount of time she spends in consultation with clients, listening to their ideas and offering advice and solutions prior to beginning the procedure.

Michelle never fails to delight me with the overall experience and expert results.

Nancy Parker