Eye Treatments

Hollywood Eyes Frequently Asked Questions

Initially two eye treatment applications are required and these are done one month apart. Yearly colour refresh is advised.

Pricing will vary according to your requirements e.g.  a Subtle Lash Liner Enhancement to a Medium Thick Liner to a  Very Obvious Eyeliner with Edge Sweeps.

New booking pricing as of 4th October 2019 include two sessions and range  from $850 – $1200 depending on requirements.

Consultations are a legal requirement in this industry, but more importantly they provide an opportunity to assess your unique needs and agree on the best treatment for you.

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EYELINERPRICE for Two Sessions (required for new clients)
Subtle Upper $895.00Requires Consultation
Subtle Lower$595.00Requires Consultation
Subtle Upper & Lower Liner$1100.00Requires Consultation
Obvious Upper$995.00Requires Consultation
Obvious Upper & Lower$1200.00Requires Consultation
CONSULTATION$80.00 Redeemable off treatment cost.Bookable online
Subtle Upper Liner$395.00Bookable online
Subtle Upper & Lower$495.00Bookable online
Subtle Lower Liner$295.00Bookable online
Obvious Upper Liner $495.00Bookable online
Obvious Upper & Lower Liner$595.00 Bookable online

Other Services

Lash Perming$75.00
Phone for booking
Perm with Tint$95.00Phone for booking