Hollywood Eyes Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation

The consultation is a legal requirement prior to treating a client with cosmetic tattoo. It is to ensure clients are given a full and clear explanation of the treatment and to assess the clients health history.

At Hollywood Eyes we also include design and colour trials in the assessment so that you feel completely comfortable that the design is to your liking.

It is strictly a one to one consultation so please come to your appointment unaccompanied. Group consultations for friends and family are not offered.

I encourage you to read through the material I’ve provided on my site before hand. A telephone consultation can be arranged for those out of town after you submit a photograph of yourself. Your requirements can then be assessed over the phone.

Allow up to 45 minutes for this appointment. The Fee for this service is $95.00.  Once both you and the technician are comfortable in proceeding to treatment, another appointment time will be made for the treatment itself.

Request a Consultation

Hollywood Eyes Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what we need to discuss with you

  • What is Micropigmentation
  • Assess your requirements
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of permanent makeup
  • Check your health history
  • Assess your skin condition
  • Patch test the colour into your skin -optional
  • Do design and colour trials
  • Check if Lash Tinting  or Brow Grooming may be required prior to treatment


It’s also important to assess your expectations, your health history and your skin condition before agreeing to do the work. For example, how much hair he or she has, how much reshaping there is to do before work can begin on the colouring, and what level of skill is required to obtain the final result.

Sometimes you will need corrective work done without even realising it. Hollywood Eyes professionals do not colour over other technicians bad work without first assessing the level of skill required for the corrective work and if indeed an improvement can be made.

Not all brows are created equal, and not all artists are created equal. It’s important to choose your micropigmentation specialist on the level of artistic skill and experience they have not on what they charge. You’ll be wearing it for a very long time and there are few effective methods of cosmetic tattoo removal.

Eyebrow Enhancement

If you are having an Eyebrow Enhancement done and you have a very clear idea of what you would like done, then I encourage you to bring a picture with you to the consultation.