Beauty NZ Editorial

Hollywood Eyes specialises in Eyebrow Couture and Lash Line Cosmetic Tattoo.

Correcting and perfecting Mother Nature’s work with cosmetic tattoo

It used to be that the face you were born with, you were stuck with.  But for our generation the ways in which Mother Nature’s work can be corrected are ever more incredible.

Let’s look at the face. Faces have been shown to communicate not only beauty, but status, intelligence and trustworthiness as well. Bone structure and symmetry are key.

So what can we do if our face is telling a story we don’t want it to – tired, sad or lacking confidence?

More symmetry, definition and a classic beauty look could be achieved with cosmetic tattoo, known as micropigmentation. Far from the style of tattoo you may be thinking of, this highly skilled technique allows subtle enhancements of facial features.

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